Mutual Aid Space for Kids & Caregivers

The Toronto Anarchist Fair will have a dedicated drop-in space for caregivers and kids and babies on Sunday December 15th from 10am to 7pm located in the Shadd room of the Ryerson Student Centre (55 Gould St.).

See our policy on the Mutual Aid Space for Kids & Caregivers here.


  • 11am-1:00pm: Indy Media for Kids!
    • Layout and adbusting! Collages. Drawing mustaches. Zine making.
      by Rebecca
  • CANCELLED – 12:30-1:30pm: Creative Movement for Older Kids 
    • by Corrie, who is a dancer and artist
  • 1pm: DIY homeschooling unschooling! workshop
    • There are many benefits of unschooled-homeschooling, for both non-anarchists and anarchists alike. Years of indoctrination in state controlled education is one of the reasons that anarchism is so misunderstood. Most people feel they’re incapable of teaching their own and, wanting to do what society says is best and caring for their children, they give in and send the kids to school. The reality is that it is not that difficult. This workshop will consist of discussion around the personal practical experience of homeschooling.
      Bio: Christine is a librarian and home educating parent. She also organizes Food Not Bombs Prince Edward County.
  • 1:30pm: Puppets! 
    • Make your own puppet to take home. For older kids.
  • 3:30pm: DIY Fashion
    • For older kids & teens. Kids will choose materials and clothes from the Really Really Free Market to make their own outfit. Kids will be supervised on how to use a sewing machine to create their own fashions.
      by Maggie
  • 3:45pm: Wear all the Babies! Demonstration & Workshop
    • Wearing your baby or toddler instead of always using a stroller can be a huge benefit for mobility in the city, at demos or just cooking dinner. It also benefits babies who often constantly want to be held. There are many cheap, free and DIY options but the knowledge of how to wear babies is often difficult to access. Watch demonstrations and try it yourself.
      Bio: Megan is a new mom and indy journalist for the Toronto Media Co-op and BASICS.
  • Caregiver Skill Share Board
  • TBA – Child & Caregiver Yoga