The Toronto Anarchist Fair (TAF) is open to those willing to engage with anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas and values. These ideas exist in opposition to hierarchy, patriarchy, racism, heterosexism, capitalism, ableism, transphobia, colonialism, statism and other forms of oppression however they may be perpetuated. TAF reserves the right to ban individuals or groups antagonistic to anarchist ideas and/or actively discourage or bar those with a history of sexual assault on a case by case basis.

Remember, anarchists come in different ages, races, abilities, genders, sexualities, educational backgrounds and wear different clothes. Just because someone doesn’t look like you doesn’t make them a cop or less radical!

Use your head. No one can guarantee a cop or snitch free space. Be responsible to yourself and your community in discussions.

TAF believes in a harm reduction approach — and understands if you must use alcohol or other mood-altering substances to attend a social event; we simply ask that, if you do so, please respect the boundaries of those in attendance who may not want to be near alcohol & other substances, or be witness to the effects of such.


Toronto Anarchist Fair Security – Orange Bandana Armband

Vouched for Childcare Volunteer – Blue Bandana Armband

Toronto Anarchist Fair Organizer (several of which are also trained Active Listeners) – Purple Bandana Armband



The Toronto Anarchist Fair is currently committed to creating an accessible space via:

-free admission

-free vegan nut free lunch

-free drop-in childcare & welcoming space toward parents and caregivers

-really really free market

-zero tolerance for sexist, racist, homophobic and other oppressive behaviours

-providing Active Listeners

-gender neutral washrooms

-wheelchair accessible main venue

-large font programs

-attempting to accommodate specific access related requests (communicated in advance)



Respect the Consent of participants! Please also be conscious of those in the background of any shot who may not want to be.



The Anarchist Fair will have both drop-in childcare for babies and children, as well as programming for those with children and mutual aid for caregivers. We recognize that babies, children and the adults/teens who care for them have different needs, but that sometimes they need to be in the same space. For example, a parent might not be able to leave a small baby in a childcare space all day to attend other anarchist fair events and might need events that can take place while a baby plays nearby. A friend might regularly care for a small child and that child might want to be playing with them during the fair. An adolescent might want to participate in some adult activities and some children’s ones. Being a parent or caregiver is not a binary either, someone might be part-time, non custodial, pregnant or expecting. Families and care come in all kinds of different configurations, not just those recognized by The State. We want to be inclusive of those families and provide space for mutual aid and workshops among caregivers while also providing a safe space for kids and babies.

While we have a dedicated drop-in space for caregivers and kids and babies, this doesn’t mean that’s the only place where they will be! Please make people of all ages welcome at the whole Anarchist Fair. This includes babies, those pregnant or breast-feeding, toddlers, kids, children and teens. “Toleration” isn’t enough! Children and babies and pregnant people are so often unwelcome in so many spaces that we should make an extra effort to be actively welcoming.

So, this is the plan for the Mutual Aid Space for Kids & Caregivers:

We will have a drop-in space where kids, babies and adults who love them can hang out and play during the Sunday of the fair. This space will also have dedicated (& visibly marked) Anarchist Fair caregivers on shift so that people can leave their kids/babies while they attend other areas of the fair. These caregivers will be vouched for strongly, and biographies of caregivers will be available to anyone dropping off a child or baby in the area. The Anarchist Fair caregivers will either have some kind of professional experience/qualifications or significant practical experience raising little ones. As Anarchists, we reject the idea that only people with Early Childhood Educators (ECE) certification etc can do childcare and recognize that practical life experience besides the skills gained through education and work are valuable as well.

Young babies and older children have different needs and need different activities. We will also have workshops and activities targeted for kids and will help identify workshops and activities in rest of the fair that would be of interest to kids and younger teens.

There will also be workshops in the drop-in space of interest to parents and caregivers. For example, there will be a workshop on baby and child wearing. These workshops will be in the Mutual Aid Space for Kids & Caregivers to enable the participation of the caregivers they are aimed at and to create fulfilling adult activities at the same time as those for children. There will also be activities for children and caregivers to do together.

Unless an adult is a direct caregiver or providing care to a child with the permission of their primary caregivers in the area, or is vouched for by a primary caregiver and attending a workshop they will not be permitted in the Mutual Aid Space for Kids & Caregivers. Random adults will not be permitted to hang out in the area. For adults who are not primary caregivers of children attending the Anarchist Fair, if anyone else has any problems or doubts we will err on the side of safety rather than openness. (Sorry to random adults who are awesome people, but if we can have closed affinity groups for protests we can certainly have them for the important work of childcare).

[Note from one of the Toronto Anarchist Fair organizers: I hope this all looks good! I’m a mother of a 11 month old myself besides having significant family experience with older kids and I’m trying to make spaces and projects that will meet my needs as well as those of other parents in my position. This is hard because my baby is old enough to want to play all the time but too young to be away from me for long periods of time!]