Dec. 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2013. 

For anarchists, and those curious about anarchism.

It has been a very long time since Anarchists and their friends and allies have assembled in Toronto to share our stories and ideas, connect our struggles, build our movements, and deepen our affinities. We feel it is vitally important that anarchist gatherings take place, and we are proposing an exciting new format!

We seek to expand beyond the traditional bookfair model and are looking to incorporate a wider range of possibilities and events in addition to tabling and workshops which will still play a central role.

Current plans and proposals include a bookfair, workshops, art installations and interventions, a really really free market, sports & games, actions, performances, films, assemblies, DIY skill-shares, and more. There is no limit to our collective potential and we welcome new additional proposals!

Our main location which will host the bookfair, assemblies, workshops, and a really really free market on Dec. 15th is centrally located in downtown Toronto and is barrier-free/accessible. Ryerson Student Centre at 55 Gould Street. More locations, and events will be announced in the coming weeks.

We need co-conspirators and collaborators, tablers, presenters, performers, event organizers, assembly proposals and facilitators, volunteers, promoters, and more. Please get in touch with us at with your proposals, inquiries and wildest dreams.

For a more Anarchic Toronto and a freer, more joyful, and just world!

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